Caprese Skewers

Of course, you can just thread the skewer as is familiar to everyone, but since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’m making a heart out of the tomatoes this time. Looks pretty loving anyway! It’s a little more work, but just worth it.

What do you need?

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Basil plant
  • Mozzarella balls
  • (Cocktail Stick)
  • Possibly pepper, salt and olive oil
    Cut the tomato diagonally, not exactly through the middle! You then have a small and a larger piece of tomato. You do the same with another tomato. If you put the two large pieces of tomato against each other, you really have a cute little heart! Put the cocktail stick through it, on that you thread the mozzarella ball and a basil leaf and done!

If necessary, you can add a little pepper, salt and olive oil on top.


Christel Ahles on behalf of KidzDJ Blijwin

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