Christmas Angels

For the treat I used a carambola, the fresh sour taste makes it accessible to children and of course the star shape makes it very fun to look at!

What do you need?

  • Carambola/Starfruit
  • Blue grapes
  • Pineapple (I personally had a pre-cut container from the supermarket)
    Cut slices of the carambola (I was able to cut 8 star slices from a carombola) Do not cut them too thick, but again not too thin, because then the skewer will not go through properly later. Make triangular shapes out of the pineapple pieces and set out the grapes.

Prick with the skewer through the piece of pineapple, the blue grape and the slice of carambola. You can put the treats down on a tray, but just as fun (if you have a moment to spare) is to poke them into a shelf. Always hammer a nail into a board, creating holes for the skewer to stay in.

Enjoy the healthy treat! During children’s parties around Christmas time or just nice at any other time.

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