Healthy Tortilla Chips

The tortilla chips is homemade, made from corn tortillas and takes hardly any time and is also good to make by the birthday boy himself. The advantage to these homemade chips, of course, is that it’s up to you how much (or how little) seasoning and oil you add. Personally, I even make these chips completely without spices and other additives! Why! After all, this is dip snack par excellence, so by using a tasty dip with it, dance-snackers won’t realize that there is nothing else in the way of spices on the chip.

What do you need?

Corn Tortilla

Cut the tortilla into pizza pieces. I myself took 20 pieces out of n tortilla. Turn on the oven to 150 degrees and bake the tortilla chips for 5 8 minutes in the middle of the oven. (I must honestly confess that my first batch came out almost black, so stay really nice and keep an eye on the chips!)

Optionally, you can also brush the chips with oil beforehand, then add a little salt on top and only then slide them into the oven.

By the way, for the dip this time I used a ready-made variety, but of course making your own is not very difficult either. After all, you then have complete control over everything in terms of salt and other additives. Who knows, another time in a future blog


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