What makes a good make-up artist?

The world of children still consists largely of fantasy, our face painters can completely empathize with the fantasy world of children, making them the best face painters for children.

Some children like to choose a make-up design from a picture, some children have an image in their head that they like. Our face painters get that. Our face painters don’t look mad at a child who wants to become a pink tiger or blue monkey.

Professional, high-quality face paint

The face paint used by Pretwin’s face painters is professional and of high quality. All our face paint is water-based and safe for children as young as three years old. The face paint has been thoroughly tested and approved. It is fragrance-free, gluten-free, animal-tested and hypoallergenic. So – no worries if some face paint accidentally ends up in the mouth.

Want to hire experienced face painters?

Want to hire an experienced face painter? We come to your location with our own materials, so you don’t have to worry about this. Whether you have five or twenty children over: we make sure that every child gets his or her turn and is painted the way he or she wants. Of course with a joke here and there – anything to make the children happy!
Are you organizing a theme party? If so, we are happy to think with you and possibly create designs that fit the chosen theme.

Face painting always a success

Children love to be painted. It is not for nothing that there is always a line of waiting children at the face painting booth … In no time they are transformed into their superhero, a beautiful princess, a tough tiger or a beautiful butterfly. And proud that they are!

Are you looking for a fun, colorful interpretation of a (children’s) party, company party, event, flea market, Carnival, school party, anniversary or fair? Then choose to hire a make-up artist through Pretwin. Wherever children are present, we are a great addition: hire a face painter from us

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