Book a TikTok celebrity

Is your child a real tiktok fan? is your child sitting on tiktok watching movies all day? And would you like to book a famous ticker for the children’s party? At Pretwin, you book famous TikTtok celebrities!

Our Famous TikTok celebs

At Pretwin, we offer 2 well-known TikTok celebs: Blijwin & Bella Balloon. Invite them to your party and it’s guaranteed to be a party. They both have their own songs, answer all the children’s questions and, of course, hand out autographs. A children’s party to never forget!

Bella Balloon: Known from TikTok

Bella Ballon is not only known from TikTok, children also know her from her participation in Holland’s Got Talent as well as from her own songs.

If she comes to your party then you don’t just book a meet and greet: she also sings her own songs, there are balloons at the center and all the children receive a nice memento.

1 hour: starting at 950 euros

2 hours: starting at 1400 euros

TikTokker Blijwin

Blijwin is not only known for TikTok. He is also often recognized through his participation in “Lang Leve de Liefde” (Dutch Television) In addition, he already has quite a few songs of his own to his name, and his listening audience is growing by the month. His biggest hits are Onesie Dansie and Hi Ha Halloween.

Book Blijwin as a famous TikTok celeb and he will answer all children’s questions and take pictures with them. He will also bring his turntable, sing his own songs and perhaps record a TikTok with the children.

1 hour: starting at 1258 euros

2 hours: starting at 1858 euros

Checking Availability of TikTok celebs

Fill out the form and we’ll let you know quickly if the TikTok celeb of your choice is available on the requested date.

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