Children's disco

Children's disco Children's party (7-11 years)

Pretwin's Children's Disco Kids' Party

Enjoy dancing at the children's disco children's party!

Our Children’s Disco Children’s Party will make everyone happy: in fact, the children’s party is a combination of disco, entertainment and games! This means that even children who do not like to dance as much can join Pretwin’s children’s disco party. Who can sing the loudest? Who can swish the best? Who dances better: boys or girls? At Pretwin’s Disco, we’ll find out!

Children's disco party with disco equipment

We convert any room into a real children’s disco in no time! Whether it’s your living room, garden or the cafeteria of your father’s work: we’ll make it a great kids’ disco! We always bring speakers and disco lights and the party can be expanded with various fat extras: confetti, smoke-filled bubbles, popcorn … it’s all possible!

Children's disco: Quick & Fine arranged with Pretwin

The birthday boy at the center of the children's disco party

Because it’s your child’s birthday, of course he or she is the center of attention. The birthday boy or girl will be sung loudly, take center stage for a while at some games and, of course, there will be a little extra surprise for the birthday boy or girl! This children’s disco party will stay with your child for years to come.

The disco party starts when we arrive*

At Pretwin, we make everything as festive as possible. From the car we drive, the clothes we walk in to the show we put on, everything is happy. Everything happy for a great children’s party.

  • We currently have a larger team than number of stickered cars, this is not a guarantee. But if we come in a party car, don’t forget to take a picture of the birthday boy or girl with the party car: super cool!

Children's Disco Kids' Party: All taken care of

We bring all the necessary equipment: speakers, disco lights, etc. In no time, we will convert any room into a real mini disco!
In addition, we can also arrange cool extras: bubble blowing machine, popcorn machine, cotton candy, bouncy castle … you name it, we can arrange it for you!

Why have a Children's Disco Kids Party with Pretwin?


We entertain the children. We don't just play music.


We arrange everything: DJ, Disco lights, Speakers and Prizes.

5 Stars

Our customers rate us with 5 stars. Standard.


We deliver the mini disco throughout the Netherlands & Belgium.

Extras with your children's party

Included in all our packages are coins you can use to expand the disco. Please note that not all extras are always available.

With package ‘Diskoe’ we guarantee the possibility to book the photobooth with it.

After you have booked and paid for the disco, you are given the option to select extras. Always do this as soon as possible.

The earlier you book and secure everything the more likely it is that everything will be available.


We have the following snack machines: - Popcorn (sweet or salty or sweet and salty): 3 coins
- Cotton candy: 3 coins
Before use, the DJ explains how the machine works: in fact, you do the operation, preparation and distribution yourself (or you have arranged for someone to do so).

Extra servings
Don't have enough with the 100 servings? Per 100 servings, we charge an additional coin.

Special effects

We have the following special effects:
- Blacklight: small space 1 coin, large space 3 coins
- Smoke bells: 2 coins
- Laser: 1 coin
- Smoke machine: 1 coin
- Bubble blowing machine: 1 coin
- Large confetti shot: 1 coin


Photobooth without printer: 2 coins
Photobooth + Printer + 30 prints: 4 coins
Photobooth + Printer + 100 prints: 5 coins
Photobooth + Printer + unlimited prints*: 8 coins

*During the arrangement

Our children's disco children's party rates

For the Children’s Disco Kids Party, we offer 3 different packages: Cool, Awesome and Epic.

All rates listed below include VAT and travel expenses (within the Netherlands). The only costs that may be added to this are, if applicable: shipping & parking fees.

If you don’t live on an island or in the center of town then you can probably assume that nothing more will be added here.

Extras at your children’s disco

Pretwin offers cool extras for your children’s disco. For example, a photobooth, popcorn machine and much more! ‘ExCoins’ are included with all packages. This allows you to create your own package. View all available extras here.

Children’s disco: 1.5 hours is fantastic!

We very often get requests from parents for discos longer than an hour and a half. We strongly discourage that. Our disco is a combination of disco, entertainment and games, at this age then 1 to an hour and a half is really fantastic. We additionally recommend a short 5-minute break halfway through the disco during which all children are given a drink.

Gifts and cake

We recommend planning the presents and cake before or after the disco party. This way you can enjoy our services to the fullest. Please note that we will be there about 40 minutes beforehand to set up the equipment and afterwards we will also spend about 15 minutes cleaning up afterwards.


1 hour of hard dancing
287 1 hour
  • Experienced DJ
  • For children ages 7-11
  • 1 ExCoin: Use it for such things as a Bubble Blower
  • Max. 15 children
  • Incl. travel expenses (excl. ferrying if necessary) & Incl. btw
  • To be extended for 86 euros per hour
  • Includes light and sound equipment

Party Pig

For real party pigs!
375 1 hour
  • Highly experienced DJ
  • For children ages 7-11
  • 3 ExCoin: Use it for such things as a Bubble Blower, Smoke Machine and Laser
  • Max. 30 children
  • Incl. travel expenses (excl. ferrying if necessary) & Incl. btw
  • To be extended for 112.50 euros per hour
  • Includes light and sound equipment


Huge party
725 1.5 hours
  • Our Best DJs
  • For children ages 7-11
  • 9 ExCoin: Use it for such things as a Bubble Blower, Popcorn Machine and Photobooth
  • Max. 45 children
  • Incl. travel expenses (excl. ferrying if necessary) & Incl. btw
  • To be extended for 217.50 euros per hour
  • Includes light and sound equipment
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