Kids Disco

Kids Disco Party (English Birthday Party in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Wassenaar, The Hague)

Pretwin is the largest supplier of Children’s Disco’s in the Netherlands. Our specialized DJs come to locations (homes, rented venues, etc.) and bring all the equipment. But most important: we entertain the children from start to finish in English, Dutch, or both. A flow of music, entertainment and games that never stops.

Pretwin's Kids Disco Birthday Party: the Non Stop Dance Party

Dancing at the children's disco birthday party!

Everyone will be happy with Pretwin’s Non Stop Dance Party: because the birthday party is a combination of disco, entertainment, and games! That means even children who are less fond of dancing will join in the fun at Pretwin’s Non Stop Dance Party. Who can sing the loudest? Who can swish the best? Who dances better: boys or girls? We’ll find out during Pretwin’s Disco!

Children's disco party with disco equipment

We transform any space into a real children’s disco in no time! Whether it’s your living room, garden, or your dad’s workplace canteen: we’ll turn it into an amazing children’s disco! We always bring speakers and disco lights, and the party can be enhanced with various cool extras: confetti, smoke-filled bubbles, popcorn… you name it!

Non Stop Dance Party: Quickly & Easily Arranged with Pretwin

The birthday child in the center of the disco party

Because it’s your child’s birthday, they naturally take center stage. The birthday child is serenaded, participates in a few spotlight games, and of course, there’s a little extra surprise for the birthday child! This children’s disco party will be remembered by your child for years to come.

The disco party starts as soon as we arrive

At Pretwin, we make everything as festive as possible. From the car we arrive in, the clothes we wear to the show we put on: everything is cheerful. All set for a fantastic children’s party.

Children's Disco Birthday Party: Hassle Free For Parents

We bring all the necessary equipment: speakers, disco lights, etc. In no time, we transform any space into a real mini disco!

Additionally, we can also arrange cool extras: bubble machine, popcorn machine, cotton candy, bouncy castle… you name it, we’ll sort it out for you!

My Team of Children's DJs

Hi, I'm Blijwin!

For years, I’ve been traveling across the country to give children the most enjoyable children’s disco ever. Additionally, I coach my team of Children’s DJs. When you book a party with Pretwin, either I or one of my fellow children’s DJs will come to turn things upside down. I speak Dutch, English, & French.

My Team of DJs

My team consists of passionate Children’s Entertainers. We all love to see children dancing and know exactly which music to play to make that happen. I know all my DJs personally and communicate with them regularly. I provide one-on-one coaching to some, while others are so experienced they no longer need coaching. All DJs we send to English-speaking children’s parties speak English and can create an amazing children’s disco in English, Dutch, or a combination of these languages.

Why Choose a Disco Birthday Party with Pretwin?

Unmatched Party Experience

Pretwin’s Non Stop Dance Party is designed to be the heart and soul of your child’s birthday celebration, ensuring a high-energy, engaging, and unforgettable 90 minutes of non-stop fun.

Engagement Guarantee

Unlike typical, low-energy disco parties, Pretwin promises a party where kids are constantly engaged, playing games, and participating in activities that keep the fun going, ensuring that your child and their friends are too busy having the time of their lives to ever feel bored.

“Guaranteed Happy Party Promise”

Our commitment to your child’s happiness is so strong that we guarantee to turn up for the party, and your child and their friends will have the best birthday party or we offer a FULL refund. It’s our way of showing we’re dedicated to making your child’s birthday special.

Hassle-Free for Parents

We require nothing more than an electrical outlet and an open space to transform any setting into a party paradise. Plus, there’s NO LIMIT and EXTRA CHARGE to how many friends your child can invite, making it a truly amazing celebration.

Our core values

Feel free

The Children's DJ creates a positive vibe, empowering children to dance however they wish, boosting their confidence.

Dance with me

Dancing and being active, the DJ leads the group, allowing children to feel authenticity: The DJ genuinely enjoys the show as well.

Happy together

The DJ cultivates a positive, joyful, and relaxed atmosphere, enabling everyone to find happiness in their own way.

Everybody Dance Now

Everyone can participate regardless of limitations or feeling different.

Extras for Your Children's Party

All our packages include coins that you can use to expand the disco. Please note: not all extras are always available.

After you have booked and paid for the disco, you will have the opportunity to select extras. Always do this as soon as possible.

The sooner you book and secure everything, the greater the chance that everything will be available.

Food & Drinks

We have the following snack machines:

Popcorn (sweet or salty or sweet and salty): 3 coins
Cotton candy: 3 coins

The DJ will explain how the machine works before use: you will operate, prepare, and distribute it yourself (or you have arranged someone for it).

Extra servings:

If you need more than 100 servings, we charge an extra coin per 100 servings.

Special effects

We have the following special effects:

Blacklight: small space 1 coin, large space 3 coins
Smoke bubbles: 2 coins
Laser: 1 coin
Smoke machine: 1 coin
Bubble machine: 1 coin
Large confetti shot: 1 coin


Photobooth without printer: 2 coins
Photobooth + Printer + 30 prints: 4 coins
Photobooth + Printer + 100 prints: 5 coins
Photobooth + Printer + unlimited prints*: 8 coins

*Throughout the event

Our awesome reviews (in dutch - but 5 stars!)

Sjors 1
Sjors 1
Ik heb m'n 5 jarige dochter nog nooit zo los zien gaan! Wat een top feest!
Annemiek de Meulmeester
Annemiek de Meulmeester
Blijwin is echt geweldig. Hij krijgt elke groep weer mee. Soms gaat het als vanzelf en soms niet. Onze groep moest over een drempeltje heen. Maar het was geweldig. Respect voor deze DJ! Absoluut niet alleen maar een plaatjesdraaier. Twijfel niet, je feest is echt af met Blijwin, je zit hier aan het juiste adres.
Elina Van Benthem
Elina Van Benthem
Een geweldige schuimparty! De DJ wist alle kinderen heel goed mee te krijgen, het was één groot feest!
Jean Paul Haye
Jean Paul Haye
Ik ben zeer tevreden over het traject, het bespreken, het volledige contact echt SUPER!!! De show was super geweldig. Ieder kind, maar ook bijna iedere ouder zong en danste mee met bijna elk nummer. Dj Blijwin maakte er een ontzettend leuke show van! Na de show was Blijwin nog zeker een half uur bezig met de kinderen die met hem op de foto wilden. Echt waar! Als ik het voor het zeggen heb is Dj Blijwin zeker voor herhaling vatbaar! Bedankt!!!
Dennis van Geelkerken
Dennis van Geelkerken
Een zeer professionele kids DJ! Weet precies hoe hij de kinderen in elke leeftijdsgroep moet vermaken. Voor een top discofeest compleet verzorgd, moet je bij Edwin zijn!
Robin en Simone Berendse
Robin en Simone Berendse
Wat een fantastisch groep 8 feest was het. Blijwin weet hoe een feestje hoort te zijn. Van het begin tot het einde weet hij de kids mee te laten doen met allemaal super leuke spelletjes en dance battles. Super bedankt Edwin je bent een top DJ. Het was een geweldige afsluiting van de basisschool.
F Diks
F Diks
Edwin, bedankt voor je bijdrage op de afscheidsavond van groep 8 en bij de afsluiting van het jaar. Je hebt er voor gezorgd dat de voetjes van de vloer gingen en er een ontzettend leuke sfeer was. De bellen gevuld met rook waren ook een succes! We hebben veel enthousiaste reacties gehad.

Our Children's Disco Birthday Party Rates

All rates mentioned below are inclusive of VAT and travel expenses (within the Netherlands). The only additional costs that may apply are ferry and parking fees.

If you do not live on an island or in the city center, you can probably assume that no additional costs will be incurred.

Extras for Your Children’s Disco

Pretwin offers cool extras for your children’s disco. For example, a photobooth, popcorn machine, and much more! All packages include ‘ExCoins’, which allow you to customize your own package. You can view all available extras here.

Children’s Disco: 1.5 hours is fantastic!

We often receive requests from parents for discos longer than one and a half hours. We strongly advise against it. Our disco is a combination of disco, entertainment, and games, and at this age, 1 to 1.5 hours is truly fantastic. Additionally, we recommend taking a short 5-minute break halfway through the disco, during which all children receive a drink.

Gifts and Cake

We recommend planning gifts and cake before or after the disco party. This way, you can fully enjoy our services. Please note that we arrive approximately 40 minutes in advance to set up the equipment and that we also spend about 15 minutes afterwards cleaning up the equipment.

Kids Disco Party

Dancing with cool DJs and fun games.
499 60 minutes
  • Good DJ for children (speaks English and Dutch)
  • For kids (4-12 years old)
  • 1 Coin for extras
  • Unlimited friends
  • Including travel expenses (excluding ferry fees if necessary) & Including VAT
  • Extendable for 99 euros per hour.
  • Including lighting and sound equipment.
  • Bookable through our customer service ( or Platform
  • Engagement Guarantee
  • “Guaranteed Happy Party Promise”

Non Stop Dance Party

Our DJ will throw a gigantic party
749 90 minutes
  • Great DJ for children (speaks English and Dutch)
  • For kids (4-12 years old)
  • 3 Coins for extras
  • Unlimited friends
  • Including travel expenses (excluding ferry fees if necessary) & Including VAT
  • Extendable for 149 euros per hour.
  • Including lighting and sound equipment.
  • Pre-event contact with DJ possible
  • Bookable through our customer service ( or Platform
  • Engagement Guarantee
  • “Guaranteed Happy Party Promise”

Kids Disco Party with DJ Blijwin

Our best & most famous DJ for children
1249 120 minutes
  • Our best DJ - Most famous DJ for children in The Netherlands
  • For kids (4-12 years old)
  • 9 Coins for extras
  • Unlimited friends
  • Including travel expenses (excluding ferry fees if necessary) & Including VAT
  • Including lighting and sound equipment.
  • Including Blijwin Rainbow theming
  • Including Blijwin t-shirt for birthday girl or boy
  • Pre-event contact with DJ possible
  • Bookable through our customer service ( or Platform
  • Engagement Guarantee
  • “Guaranteed Happy Party Promise”

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