Children’s disco on location? 5 venues for your children’s disco!

A children’s disco is super fun as a children’s party. Lots of kids can come, there is a super fun and energetic atmosphere, and are you hiring a professional kids DJ? Then you don’t have to worry about entertainment. DiscoAnimal can turn any room into a children’s disco. From barn to five-star restaurant. But what options do you actually have?

1. Give your children’s disco home

A children’s disco children’s party at home is the most economical option but also gives you the most work. The furniture has to be put aside and you are responsible for all catering and cleaning. Unsure if it will fit in the living room? In most cases it fits, of course, it depends somewhat on the number of children coming. In one house the furniture will have to go outside for a while (under a tarp or party tent), in another it is enough to move the furniture aside. Blijwin comes in small and large living rooms (including flats) and it fits ltime!
The advantage of home? You save money because you don’t have to rent space. Also, you are completely free to do whatever you want with food/drink and you have every opportunity to prepare it. So ideal!

Or in the garden, of course….
Do you have a garden? Then, of course, that is also an ideal location! Do consider party tents to be prepared for some inclement weather….. And in winter, of course, a heater is no luxury either 🙂

2. Give your children’s disco at school

Some schools are happy to make a classroom, gymnasium or auditorium available for a student’s children’s disco. Please inquire at school if it is possible (and on what days/times). This is often free or very inexpensive and you have all the room you need for the disco.
With food/drink you will have to keep it simple in this case (but our DJs advise that anyway) and clean delivery is a must.

3. A children’s disco at work

Of course, this depends entirely on the work you do and your relationship with your employer. However, this happens frequently (especially to people with their own businesses). It tends to be a bit more spacious than at home, and the plumbing is probably designed for more people as well.

4. Rent a community center, scout building or canteen

For a few tens you can often rent the community center around the corner or your sports club’s cafeteria! You are often allowed to arrange your own food and drink at these types of venues as well; ideal for keeping costs in check. By agreement, you can sometimes outsource the cleaning work here for a slightly higher rent.

5. Renting a room/restaurant/bar

Don’t feel like fussing? Would you like food/drink to just be taken care of? Don’t feel like spending another hour cleaning and tidying up after the party? Then it’s best to hire a professional venue. They have all the knowledge, space and facilities to make the children’s disco a great success without having to do much themselves. In that case, book a children’s DJ, rent the venue and send out invitations. The rest is all taken care of.

Want it all even crazier? DiscoDieren knows some very good party planners who can literally take all the work off your hands.

Do you have a good tip? Tell us about it in the comments!

Want advice? Send an email to DiscoAnimal, we are happy to help.

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