Master Jan retired: farewell with children’s disco

A few weeks ago, the time had come. After 34 years in the classroom, Master Jan retired. A unique moment that calls for a fitting farewell And, of course, the opportunity to take a moment to celebrate with the children! Many parties and celebrations had been held at the Willibrordus School in Alphen in recent years, and Master Jan felt it was time for something different. He enlisted the help of Blijwin to organize a super cool [kinderdisco](/kinderdisco) for both the lower, middle and upper grades.

Immediately convinced of a festive conclusion

Last school year, one of our LIOs (a teacher in training) filled empty moments with YouTube videos of Just Dance. I noticed that the students participated super enthusiastically and already knew many of the dances from home,” Master Jan recounts enthusiastically. So as a result of this experience, my wife and I immediately started Googling, and came upon the children’s discos from DiscoAnimal. We went over the program, read the reviews, and were immediately convinced: this school dance will be the most unique, festive finale ever!

It did not fall silent for a moment!

And last July 6 was the big farewell to Master Jan. Of course, with so many different age groups, it is not always easy to organize something that is, and stays, fun for all groups. So it was also soon decided that the lower,- middle,- and upper grades would each have their own children’s disco; each their own farewell to Master Jan. The contact with Edwin was very pleasant; as if we had known each other for years. From the first moment we were confident that everything was going to work out fine. Clear agreements and a fine all-in rate that fitted perfectly within our budget; no surprises afterwards,” Master Jan explains. I also immediately noticed during the disco that the right music was chosen for each age group. Current music, responding to the current trend, immediately adjusted in case of requests. What I especially liked about this children’s disco was the speed of the program and the great interaction with the students. Not a single moment did it fall silent! Every group enjoyed to the fullest, and that is what I was all about.

Group 7-8 also came all the way out

But, of course, Master Jan also had the opportunity to celebrate with the children. We enjoyed it incredibly. All the groups participated enthusiastically, and we enjoyed that. What struck us most was the fact that group 7-8 participated so well. Indeed, this was the age group we were most hesitant about. It took a while for everyone to loosen up, but Edwin got them along. Unbelievable! Master Jan believes that even the children who find it a little difficult to give of themselves had a good time: Especially the younger age classes like group 3 is naturally very spontaneous, and you enjoy that. But even the children who find it a little difficult to loosen up had a great time. Surely we think those also enjoyed it in their own way.

A shot in the arm

Not only the children, but also the teachers were very enthusiastic. We made a conscious choice to organize something for the students, where the teachers did not have to take the lead themselves,” says Master Jan. Both teachers and children enjoyed the disco and danced along enthusiastically. We received many compliments for this great, unforgettable farewell. A hit, is how my colleagues described it. We can definitely recommend the children’s disco. Or, as my colleagues told me: It will come back to us again!

DiscoDieren provides over 200 children’s discos per year throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. For elementary schools, festivals, individuals and businesses.

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