Why you should book your children’s disco party early

You know the drill; months before the birthday, your son or daughter starts thinking about the upcoming [kinderfeestje](/child’s party). Because yes, what are we going to do this year? And they’re right too, because organizing and booking a [kinderdisco kinderfeestje](/children’s party/ children’s disco party) is something you better do on time! Why? We’d love to tell you! In fact, there are three main reasons to book your children’s party or children’s disco as early as possible.

1. Calendars are increasingly full

Not only adults, but also children have increasingly full agendas. From soccer practice to piano lessons and then on to a fun night at the movies with friends. Not to mention homework and tests. By planning ahead of time, you increase the chances of everyone attending the children’s party. Because that disappointed expression on the face when half of the invitees don’t show up, no one wants to see that, of course.

2. The Children’s DJ is also busy

In addition to the children’s full schedules, Blijwin’s schedule is filling up earlier and earlier. Kids’ parties are super-popular with parents and kids alike, which is obviously good news! So many repeat customers also know exactly how scheduling works and are often there early to plan the new party. Often parents book the kids disco for next year already, while the kids DJ has yet to play the last song. So be quick about it!

3. The most sought-after dates are quickly gone!

Most children’s discos take place on a limited number of dayparts – mostly Friday night, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. This too, of course, ensures that the children’s disco schedule fills up quickly. Have a date in mind but the calendar is already full? Then plan your children’s party, for example, on the evening before a study day (a Tuesday evening, for example). Chances are, that date is longer available, and the kids are only too happy to attend a children’s party on that weekday (having a party on a weekday is pretty cool, too, of course). In addition, weekday or evening rates are often just a bit lower than weekend rates; so get in touch soon!

Want to avoid disappointed faces, and be sure to get there on time this year? Then get in touch right away!

Bonus tip: Want to rent a bouncy castle and then a very specific one? Be on time too!

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