10 Games for your children’s party

The 10 most fun games for a children’s party Is your son or daughter’s birthday coming up? Then it is high time to organize a fun children’s party. We list the most fun, unique games for a children’s party. Not too difficult games, but super original. Most importantly, first ask the birthday boy or jet what games he or she likes to play. In addition, duration of the party is also important. A two-hour children’s party allows time for four to five games. To be safe, do keep a few in reserve for when they don’t like a game, for example, or they finish earlier than expected. Good … Then now it’s time to list the 10 very cool games for a kid’s party!

Statue Dance

No matter what age the children are, dancing is always fun! At the statue dance, the children dance around nice and wild. Does the music stop? Then, as quickly as possible, they must remain as still as a statue. Is anyone moving? Then the person is finished.

Balloon kicks

Balloon kicking is another more fun game for the slightly older children. Each child is given a string, with a balloon attached to it around the ankle. When the starting signal is given, the idea is to kick the other children’s balloons to pieces and keep your own balloon whole. Is your balloon broken? Then the person is finished. The winner is the one who keeps his or her balloon whole the longest.

The dress-up bag passing game

Dressing up also always does well as a game at a children’s party. In the dress-up bag passing game, fill a bag with crazy clothes. Think long underpants, a big swimsuit, a bright pink boa, a floral dress, overalls. Turn on music and have the children pass the bag. Does the music stop? Then the child who has the bag on his or her lap at the time must take something out and pull it out without looking. With this game, continue until everyone has something to wear. And as a finale, have a nice dance to music.

Sleeping lions

Sleeping Lions is the perfect game to get the kids quiet. Especially ideal for young children. Tell the children that they are a lion and they are very tired. The idea is to keep them as still as possible. Then walk around and try to make them laugh. If they move even one whisker, they are “finished” and must help you wake up the other lions. The child who stays “asleep” the longest wins.

Skiing with shoeboxes

Divide the group into two equal teams and give each team two shoeboxes. If necessary, use broomsticks or long sticks as ski poles. The goal is to ski to the finish line as fast as possible. This can either be done simply in a straight course or over some kind of course – depending on the age of the children.


For mouse holes, you need a large cardboard box. Cut off the flaps and make mouse holes on the long side of the box. Make the dens of three different sizes and have the children roll the balls into the mouse holes from a distance. You can use golf balls, table tennis balls or tennis balls.

Scavenger Hunt

If your son or daughter’s birthday is in nice weather, an old-fashioned scavenger hunt is always fun to do, too. Arrows with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk and occasional assignments in between. This type of scavenger hunt can be done in several ways: either you have already set it out yourself as a parent and have the children do the scavenger hunt, or you have one group set the scavenger hunt and the other group follow the trail.


A quiz always does well, too! The great thing about a quiz is that you can ask questions on all sorts of different topics. For example, if you have a children’s party in the theme of pirates, then create a quiz within this theme. But general knowledge about what they get at school is also fun to use in a quiz.

The chip game

A game with something delicious to eat is a real hit at any children’s party. For the chip game, you will need a die, chips, a spoon and various dress-up clothes. Together you agree on a number, say 3. The children take turns rolling the dice. Does anyone throw 3? Then this one runs to the bowl of chips, puts on the dress-up clothes and then starts eating chips with the spoon. The other children just keep throwing until someone throws 3 again. This one then runs toward the chips and relieves the eating child. Continue until the bowl of chips is empty. Does the game appeal? Then just fill up.

Also fun, a disco party

Is your child a little older? Then a disco party is a good idea. This can be done at home or on location. Enjoy dancing to music popular with the kids. You can of course arrange the music, children’s disco games and entertainment yourself, but you can also outsource this to one of our children’s DJs. Our DJs provide the perfect combination between fun music, entertainment and cool games.

Hopefully you got something out of the above games ideas for the children’s party. In any case, we wish you a happy birthday and who knows, see you soon.

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